This week on the podcast I speak with two amazing people who are advocates for gender equality, Coleen Mackinnon and Rob Sturrock. We all spoke very passionately about improving gender equality, and how fathers can play an active role and share the load, their own experiences of parenting and having a career.

Topics we covered include:

  • The systemic barriers that are impacting gender diversity
  • The gender norms that have contributed to gender inequality both at home and in the workplace
  • How parents can overcome some of the biases they experience
  • What support is needed for working parents
  • Why we should be supporting and encouraging fathers to take parental leave
  • How to challenge and change traditional thinking on the roles of a mother and father within the family unit
  •  Rob’s experience as an advocate for gender equality
  • And so much more

I loved this chat and felt so inspired after and I hope that this episode resonates with you. We all have our part to play to help change the narrative and Rob is a great example of how fathers can change the story and traditional gender norms.

About Coleen MacKinnon

Coleen MacKinnon is a DEI specialist passionate about accelerating progressive social change. She is the Founder of Sydney-based Inclusivity Quotient (InQ), a boutique consultancy specialised in authentically engaging men in co-creating safe, respectful and high-performing workplaces.

Contact Coleen via LinkedIn or her website

About Rob Sturrock

Rob Sturrock is an author and working father. He has written widely about his experiences of being a working dad and juggling the responsibilities of home and work. Contact Rob via LinkedIn and check out his book ‘Man Raises Boy‘.

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