Welcome to the Working Mumma podcast
with Carina O’Brien

Welcome to the Working Mumma podcast with Carina O’Brien

working mumma podcast

The Working Mumma podcast supports working mums in managing motherhood and a career with tips, interviews with experts and sharing stories so you can thrive.

As a working mum, I know it can feel lonely and isolating in wanting to have a career and be a mum. We get so much help when we are pregnant and in the fourth trimester, but the slowly falls away. When we are looking to return to paid work after maternity leave, we are faced with many questions, doubts, low confidence levels and so much more. Not all companies actively support working mums and navigating the path as a working mum can be a little like riding a rollercoaster.

On the Working Mumma podcast, I bring you real-life tips, tricks, and advice to help you in having a career and being a working mum. I speak with experts and bring you solo episodes on my own experiences to help you navigate career and motherhood.

Over the journey of the Working Mumma podcast, I have interviewed women (and one man) on their topic of expertise and in every episode I ask guests to describe themselves, their career journey so far, and what they do for self-care.

I have learned so much along the way and love bringing you the podcast each week.

What others are saying about the Working Mumma podcast

Love! Great podcast thank you!

You came along just as I needed you

If you’re a mumma and you work. You need this podcast. Thank you so much. Can’t thank you enough

kristylee S

Every working Mumma needs this!

Thank you Carina for creating a podcast that every Mumma needs. Always great topics on #mumlife wether it be career advice, mindset, work life balance. Always helpful x

Thank you

Mikhaila The Coach


Encouraging conversations to help a Mumma get out of her work funk.


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