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3 Steps to sharing the Mental Load

A free resource to help re-balance the load between you & your partner
Do you feel like you do everything around the house with little or no support? You aren’t alone.
Women are sadly taking on more, not less, of the mental load, especially in the current world we live in. It doesn’t have to be this way!

These 3 Steps allow you to open up the discussion with your partner relating to sharing the mental load and improving the distribution of tasks.

3 secrets to juggling work and motherhood without feeling overwhelmed

This is the masterclass for you if….

  • You have questioned yourself recently if you really can work and be a mum
  • You are feeling overwhelmed in trying to ‘do it all’ and running on empty
  • You want to learn new strategies to help you thrive in work and motherhood
3 secrets home and work life juggle masterclass

Working Mumma Podcast

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