Resources to support you in navigating motherhood and a career

How to share the mental load with your partner

This resource is designed to help you achieve better balance in your household and caring responsibilities. Whether you’re new parents, returning back to work after maternity leave, or seasoned partners seeking to improve your current dynamic, this guide offers practical strategies and actionable steps to help you lighten the mental load and create a more equitable division of labor.

3 secrets to juggling work and motherhood without feeling overwhelmed

This is the masterclass for you if….

  • You have questioned yourself recently if you really can work and be a mum
  • You are feeling overwhelmed in trying to ‘do it all’ and running on empty
  • You want to learn new strategies to help you thrive in work and motherhood
3 secrets home and work life juggle masterclass

Working Mumma Podcast

A podcast to provide actionable hints, tips, and real-world experiences to support you in your journey as a working mum. Listen today on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favourite podcast app.

working mumma podcast