Are you a new mother preparing to return to work, feeling the weight of balancing career ambitions with the joys of motherhood?

The “Return with Confidence” program is your path to a seamless transition, empowering you to thrive both professionally and personally.

The person you were at work pre-baby is a little (or possibly a lot) different from the current version of you. As you consider your return to work you may find that you have a new outlook and priorities. Babies impact our lives in sooo many ways, beyond what we may have ever expected.

Just as parental leave was a huge adjustment, returning to work is another major adjustment in the parenting journey. With this, comes a whole new range of challenges and questions on how to navigate this new life. That’s why I have created the “Return with Confidence” program, a group mentoring program that supports women as they navigate the transition from motherhood to managing life as a working parent.

At the prospect of returning back to work are you feeling

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  • Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of juggling work and motherhood?

  • Struggling with self-doubt as you prepare to return to work?

  • Wondering how you’ll manage the demands of work and family life?

  • Fearing you’ll miss important moments in your child’s life while at work?

You’re Not Alone.

Many mothers experience these feelings when preparing to return to work. It’s okay to feel this way, and we’re here to support you through this transition.

That is where ‘Return with Confidence’ –
Return to Work after Maternity Leave program can support you

A design to help you have a successful return to work after maternity leave. This program is tailored for mothers like you, who are navigating the challenges of balancing a career with the joys of motherhood.

Return with Confidence is designed to empower you with the tools, strategies, community, and support needed to transition seamlessly back into the workforce. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, lacking in confidence, or worried about missing key milestones in your child’s life, this program is here to help. Join the program to support you to thrive both personally and professionally.

Why we need to support women transitioning back to work after maternity leave

We get support preparing to go on parental leave, but there is little support for mothers re-entering the workforce. At Working Mumma we want to change this.

I understand firsthand what it is like returning to work when you are faced with barriers and hurdles. My first return from maternity leave made me question myself and my confidence took a real hit. Women don’t deserve to experience this and it is a key reason why I have created this program. I believe returning to work after maternity leave is a transition that happens over many months, even after you have physically returned.

By supporting women in returning to work, we help set you up for success in life as a working mum. This program will support you to overcome some of the hurdles that are placed in your way so you can feel confident in managing the juggle of a career and motherhood.

The Return with Confidence program will help you

3 strategies to juggling work and motherhood
  • Identify strategies to manage mum guilt

  • Remind you of your strengths

  • Develop schedules and routines to support you in the transition

  • Support you in the motherhood identity shift that we all experience

  • Understand your rights and entitlements

  • Recognise the importance of self-care and build this into your schedule

  • Give you the confidence to return to work and thrive!

What’s included in Return with Confidence program?

What’s covered in the Return with Confidence program

Module 1 – Reflection & Values

Parental leave is probably the longest period you have had away from your job and career. Initially, there’s an adjustment period as you make the transition from employee to Mum.

In this module you will as you get close to returning to work, it will allow you to reflect to see if and how your values, priorities and outlook has changed since becoming a mum. With this reflection, it will provide the foundation for life as a working mum.

Module 2 – Confidence

As you consider your return to work, you may feel like you haven’t been using certain skills for a while. Instead, you’ve been learning new skills. Don’t underestimate the skills and experience you have gained while on parental leave and as a Mum raising a little human.

This module helps align you personal strengths and skills that remind you of your career pre-motherhood to support you in the transition.

Module 3 – Managing the transition with your employer

Understanding your rights and navigating the transition with your employer is a critical step in the transition back to work.

In this module, you will be supported on interactions with your manager/employer to confidently return to work.

Module 4 – Managing the Juggle

Going back to work may add a new layer of complexity around meals, household chores, spending time with your child, your partner, family, friends, and of course, yourself!

This week will focus on being aware of the key priorities and having a plan to manage them to help your household run smoothly.

Want to see if the Return with Confidence program is suitable for you?

Book in a free, no-obligation 30-minute exploration call with me to see if the Return with Confidence program is the right fit for you.

Hi – I’m Carina O’Brien, founder Working Mumma

I am a wife, sister, friend, and mum to 2 active boys (1 & 4 years), an angel baby, and a fur baby. I enjoy being active, and going for a run is my thing. I also enjoy a nice glass of red or gin in front of the fire with my hubby.

I have returned to work after maternity leave twice. The first experience wasn’t great and it made me question and doubt myself in many ways. I don’t want anyone to go through the same experience as I did and that’s why I’m passionate about supporting women on the transition from maternity leave back to the workforce so you are set up for success to thrive in motherhood and have a career through the ‘Return with Confidence program’ and ‘Working Mumma Village‘ membership.