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Empowering women in motherhood and a career

At Working Mumma we empower women to successfully integrate motherhood and a career. The Working Mumma Village membership offers valuable resources, masterclasses, and a supportive community of like-minded working mothers. With our Return to Work program, we help women transition back into the workforce with confidence.

We believe that every woman deserves support in navigating the challenges of being a working mum. Join us on this incredible journey and embrace the harmony between motherhood and a fulfilling career.

Navigating your new normal as a working mum is often stressful wondering how you will manage the juggle of motherhood and a career

Have you asked yourself?

  • How will I still be there for my kids?

  • How will I manage my workload?

  • How can I manage the mental load?

What if your return to work with confidence and you thrive in managing the juggle of motherhood and a career?

Let’s work together

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Let’s work together

More support and focus is needed to improve diversity in organisations

Parental leave taken by women
Women more likley to resign in current role on parental leave than men
Women do not return to the same employer
Gender pay gap

Let’s work together

Dedicated to supporting female workforce participation after having children

Working Mumma Village Membership

Membership that provides community, support and resources

Programs for businesses

Help organisations with programs, workshops and organisational setup for flexible work and supporting family-friendly work practices

Job-sharing possibilities you haven’t yet considered
Return to work program

A 4 module return to work after maternity leave transition program to give women the tools and confidence

Working Mumma Village

Helping you navigate having a successful career and motherhood


A supportive community of like-minded individuals who understand the unique challenges of being a working mum.

Expert resources and strategies

Access to a wealth of expert resources, tools, and guidance specifically designed to support working mums

Empowerment and confidence

Empowers women to embrace their identity as working mums and fosters a sense of confidence in their ability to succeed in both their career and motherhood

Working Mumma Podcast

A podcast to provide actionable hints, tips, and real-world experiences to support you in your journey as a working mum. Listen today on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or your favourite podcast app.

working mumma podcast

Free resources

Return to Work resources

From rediscovering your professional identity to managing the logistics of breastfeeding at work, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we help to empower women to thrive in both their roles as parents and professionals.

Explore our resources today to make your return to work a smoother journey

3 Steps to sharing
the Mental Load

3 secrets home and work life juggle masterclass

3 secrets to juggling work and motherhood without feeling overwhelmed

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