The idea for Working Mumma

At Working Mumma, we believe you can work, have a career and be a mum – you shouldn’t be made to choose one or the other.

The concept of Working Mumma had its genesis when Carina O’Brien was 6 months pregnant with her first child. With maternity leave approaching, she went searching for inspiration as she approached this new phase in her life. Determined to return to my career. I found myself disappointed by the lack of useful support, tips, and stories of working mothers available to her and other career-minded mothers. So, like many other people, if you can’t find what you are looking for – build it yourself!

Carina O’Brien, Founder

Carina O’Brien is the founder of Working Mumma and the Working Mumma podcast. She started her professional journey in the IT industry, working with startup-ups and medium-sized businesses before joining Siemens in 2010. She currently works four days a week as Head of Strategy for Siemens Mobility in Australia & New Zealand.

She holds a Masters in Management and a Bachelor in IT/IS.

Carina has two boys, aged 5 and 3 and a fur baby along with an angel baby. In her spare time she enjoys going for a run listening to podcasts (not her own!), spending time with family & friends, good food and wine.

Carina’s view of the world has been shaped by her belief that women can be both a mum and have a career. She had a poor experience of returning to work after the birth of her first child. These beliefs inspired her to start Working Mumma, a platform that empowers working mothers to pursue their careers and be present for their families.

Carina’s mission is to give women the inspiration, support, and empowerment they need to succeed in their careers while also being present for their families.

Let’s work together

Dedicated to supporting female workforce participation after having children

Programs for businesses

Help organisations with programs, workshops and organisational setup for flexible work and supporting family-friendly work practices

Job-sharing possibilities you haven’t yet considered
Return to work program

A 4 module return to work after maternity leave transition program to give women the tools and confidence

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