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In today’s world, the traditional roles of caregiver and breadwinner are evolving. More families are finding new ways to balance work and family life, challenging old stereotypes and paving the way for more flexible and fulfilling lifestyles. In this episode of the Working Mumma podcast, we dive into the story of Stephanie-Kate Bratton, a successful lawyer, author and mother, whose family has embraced non-traditional roles with her husband as the primary caregiver. Their journey sheds light on the challenges and rewards of reversing traditional roles and highlights the importance of support and understanding in achieving work-life harmony.

Reversing Roles
Stephanie’s decision to move overseas provided her husband the opportunity to follow his passion for skiing whilst she pursued a dream role at Amazon. This was before they had children. When they became pregnant with their first child, Stephanie was feeling the pull between career and motherhood. Her husband suggested that he be the stay-at-home father with Stephanie returning to work after four months maternity leave.

Fast forward to moving back to Australia, Stephanie has since transitioned to part-time work and this has opened up a new chapter in their family’s life. With her husband taking on the role of primary caregiver, they have navigated the challenges of balancing work commitments with family responsibilities. Their journey challenges societal norms and highlights the importance of flexibility and open communication in modern families.

Supporting Mothers in Their Careers
Stephanie’s story also highlights the importance of supporting mothers in their careers. Despite the progress made in gender equality, many mothers still face challenges in balancing work and family responsibilities. By sharing her story, Stephanie hopes to inspire other mothers to pursue their career goals while also being present for their families showcasing the available options – and breaking the traditional stereotypes for both parents.

The Value of Self-Care
One key takeaway from Stephanie’s story is the importance of self-care. For Stephanie, getting that extra hour of sleep in the morning is essential for her well-being. This simple act of self-care allows her to be a more present and engaged mother and professional. It’s a reminder that taking care of ourselves is not selfish but necessary for our overall happiness and success.

Inspiring the Next Generation
Stephanie’s journey has also inspired her to create a series of children’s books that demystify professions for kids. Titles include “My mummy is a lawyer” and “My mummy is an engineer“. By showing her children what she does for work in a way they can understand, Stephanie hopes to inspire them to pursue their passions and dream big.

Stephanie’s story is a powerful reminder of the changing landscape of modern families and the importance of support and understanding in achieving work-life balance. Whether you’re a working mother, a stay-at-home dad, or someone navigating the complexities of modern family life, Stephanie’s story offers valuable insights and inspiration. Tune in to the Working Mumma podcast to hear more about Stephanie’s journey and gain valuable insights into balancing career and caregiving in today’s world.


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