In this episode, I delve into eight things I wish I had known before embarking on my journey as a mum. While pregnancy comes with its fair share of advice, there’s often less guidance on navigating the complexities of balancing career and motherhood.

Join me as I share these personal insights to help you navigate your own journey:

– Understanding why each transition, whether it’s returning to work, going on maternity leave, or managing multiple childcare needs, presents its unique challenges.

– Acknowledging the reality of mum guilt and learning to manage it while pursuing a fulfilling career.

– Realizing that achieving a perfect work-life balance is unrealistic and learning to take each day as it comes.

– Embracing the power of mindset in overcoming challenges and staying resilient.

– Increasing awareness of matrescence and its impact on personal identity and career.

No matter where you are on your journey—whether you’re pregnant, on maternity leave, returning to work, or navigating the early years of motherhood—this episode is for you. Join me as we explore these insights and reflections on the complexities of being a working mum.



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