Working mum life can be isolating. At work, people often don’t understand the guilt, the mum/career juggle, or the mental load. Without a community, confidence, and normalizing the struggles, it can leave you questioning if you are really able to “have it all”.

As working mums, we are breaking down some of the siloed and gender-stereotyped thinking. Women in the 1970s were forced to give up their careers when they got married because their role was seen in the home. So much has changed since then. As we all know, not all parts of society have kept up with the pace of change.

What is important is that we feel connected through a fundamental need to belong and find the communities that give us empowerment, confidence, and self-belief. This has a huge impact on our confidence and mindset. A positive community can have a huge impact both personally and professionally.

In this episode, I share with you background on communities and the value of what they bring, the benefit of a community as a working mum, how to pick out which community you need and is best for you, and general tips and strategies for joining a community.

Doors are open to the Working Mumma Village, a community to support, empower and educate working mums navigate the juggle of career and motherhood. Join today and use the code ‘PODCAST’ for 10% your membership.

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