Jessica Heagren, Careers after babies

Anecdotally we know what commonly happens to a woman’s career after she has a child. But, what are the facts? That question is what this week’s guest, Jessica Heagren, founder of Careers after Babies, asked herself and decided to find out. Jessica is based in the UK, and early this year released the ‘Careers after Babies’ report on what happens to a woman’s career after she has a child.

This is a fascinating and insightful conversation talking about the report’s key findings, the impact on working mothers, and the role organisations play in supporting and retaining women.

We talk about:

  • What was the inspiration and motivation for the report
  • Key findings of the report
  • Advice for women to minimise the impact of up to 10 years for a mother’s career to recover after having children
  • How organisations can better support female workforce participation and close the gender pay gap
  • What Jessica sees as the future of work for parents

and sooo much more. The report has sooo much in it and it was great to unpack this with Jessica.

Connect with Jessica 

Download ‘Careers after Babies’ report and connect with her on LinkedIn

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