Mothers often respond with “good” when asked how they are, but deep down, many are exhausted. This exhaustion is often due to the mental load they carry. Yet, comprehending this mental load could be an initial step towards managing it better.

My thoughts on how to improve gender equality? It starts in the home.

The more we can rebalance the caring and mental load in the home, it will have a flow on effect to organisations because fathers will need to share more of the caring responsibilities and understanding of female colleagues, especially those that are mothers.

In this episode, I share with you a five-step framework to assist you in rebalancing the mental load with your partner. A resource filled with actionable steps and strategies is available (link below) to begin your journey towards rebalancing the mental load.

I share with you tips for managing the mental load in a relationship, establishing a path towards a harmonious coexistence. It might seem challenging initially, but as the mental load gets rebalanced, it becomes smoother. A little patience can pave the way for an easier, more balanced lifestyle.


– Free resource as referenced in the podcast “How to share the mental load with your partner”

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