Alexandra is a solo mum by choice who has recently released a memoir called Inconceivable: Heartbreak, Bad Dates and Finding Solo Motherhood. During this episode, we chat about how Alexandra wrestled with her desire for a baby along with her creative and career ambitions at the same time.

Alexandra has an inspiring story of following your dreams and taking hold of your own future, no matter what that might look like. She shares very opening some of her challenges and struggles throughout her motherhood journey, but also how she navigates her career and parenting as a solo mum.

About Alexandra

Alexandra Collier is an award-winning writer for screen, print, and theatre. Her writing has appeared in The Guardian, SMH/The Age, Harper’s Bazaar, and Mama Mia. She worked in NYC for ten years as a playwright before returning to have a baby solo via donor sperm – which is the subject of her memoir, Inconceivable.

Connect on Instagram @alexandracollierwrites or her website

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