In this empowering episode of the Working Mumma podcast, I take you on a journey into my year that has been personally & professionally transformative, marked by milestones, challenges, and unexpected triumphs.

Mid year I was experiencing imposter syndrome and personal doubt that was having a big impact. But, as I explain in the episode, I got support and came out much better on the other side.

During the episode, I share how I navigated applying for a new position, along with the associated internal struggles, and the crucial importance of acknowledging personal achievements, but highlighting the positives that can come from job interviews.

I’m very honest with my journey and I hope this gives you some questions to also reflect on for yourself to acknowledge and celebrate the journey you have been on.

I also talk about:

  1. Turning 40 and Reflecting: Milestone birthdays serve as powerful moments of reflection, reshaping perspectives on personal and professional growth.
  2. Navigating Corporate Crossroads: Why applying for a corporate role unveils internal struggles, leading to a profound reflection on resilience and personal achievements.
  3. Saying Yes to the Unknown: I share the journey of embracing uncertainty, saying “yes” to unexpected opportunities, and the empowering experience of appearing on TV.
  4. Lessons and Takeaways: The episode includes three questions you can ask yourself to reflect on 2023

Enjoy this episode and have a great day.


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