Women’s Agenda publishes the “Women’s Ambition Report” every two years. For this episode, I speak with Angela Priestley, publisher and co-founder of Women’s Agenda (a publication for career-minded, time-poor women who want to stay ahead of the conversation). 

During this chat, we discuss the report’s key findings, trends in the future of work, and the opportunities for change to support female workforce participation and improve women’s experiences in the workplace.

Some statistics from the report include:

  • 77% of women are experiencing burnout, and a leading factor is overwhelm in balancing career and home responsibilities
  • 42% said that burnout could hold them back from reaching their career ambitions over the next two years
  • Although self-confidence has reduced from 50% to 41% it is still a barrier for success amongst women

It is an interesting report and validating for many of the results are feelings and experiences working mothers have felt, especially over the past 3 years.

Read the full Women’s Ambition 2023 report on the Women’s Agenda website here

Connect with Angela & Women’s Agenda

Website: womensagenda.com.au

LinkedIn: Angela Priestley

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