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Flexible work is a key requirement for many families to help them manage the juggle of career and parenting. I speak with Belinda Morgan, a flexible work and leadership specialist this week on the Working Mumma podcast. Belinda shares her insights, experience, and practical advice on how part-time work can support women seeking work-life integration without compromising career aspirations.

As we discuss, there is a misconception that part-time work is just for working mum, but as Belinda explains anyone can benefit from flexible work arrangements for various reasons. One of the challenges working mothers face is being able to find suitable part-time roles that match their experience and skill set. Belinda talks about the hidden talent market of highly skilled people seeking part-time or job-share roles, with untapped potential that could benefit employees and organisation.

We also talk about:

  • The value of part-time work for both employees and employers
  • The challenges and opportunities of part-time roles
  • Why requesting part-time hours needs to be win/win for both employees and employers and she shares tips on how to have this conversation and if you get resistance the opportunity to ask for a trial period
  • Discuss the benefits of the 4-day week and the concept of the 100:80:100 model
  • The impact of the new flexible work laws coming into effect
  • Strategies and advice on how to navigate the recruitment process when looking for part-time positions
  • Why employers need to develop a clear and attractive proposition for flexible work, highlighting the importance of aligning their policies and strategies with employees’ needs.

Belinda reminds listeners to advocate for flexible work, encouraging them to have open conversations with employers and explore the possibilities.

Connect with Belinda:

Connect with Belinda via her website, read her book ‘Solving the Part-Time Puzzle‘ or LinkedIn


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