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In this episode of the Working Mumma podcast, I speak with Jordanne Collins, a working mum with her own web design company, and we explore the challenges, surprises, and joys of balancing motherhood and a career.

Jordanne shares how becoming a mother has changed her perceptions and priorities, making her more career-driven than ever before. She relishes the opportunity to show her children that they don’t have to conform to societal expectations and can pursue their passions while making a positive impact on the world.

The conversation delves into the common guilt experienced by working moms, with Jordanne acknowledging that even though she loves her work, she still wrestles with the feeling of needing to give more to her children. She emphasizes the importance of defining one’s own version of success and demonstrating to her kids that they can create their own paths in life.

Jordanne also discusses the benefits of finding a sustainable pace, taking time for self-care, and building relationships with other women entrepreneurs. She shares her strategies for slowing down and finding inspiration.

This episode offers an inspiring glimpse into the life of a working mum who has discovered her purpose, challenged societal norms, and found fulfillment by pursuing her career alongside motherhood. It serves as a reminder that being a working mum is a testament to the strength, efficiency, and the power to redefine success on your own terms.

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