I often hear of women currently on maternity leave wondering how they will manage the juggle of work & mum life. This might be you; if it is, I don’t want you to feel this way. You deserve to feel confident & supported on your return to work as a mum. When you become a mum you go through a big change, known as matrescence, and you naturally have a different outlook, priorities, and perspective.

I want to support women in the transition from maternity leave to work after maternity leave and this is why I ran a masterclass “5 strategies to help you transition back to work with confidence” and in this episode share the recording with you.

This is what I covered in the masterclass:

  • How to recognise and manage the ‘mum guilt‘ – a feeling that all mothers experience
  • Strategies to navigate the mental load with your partner
  • Tips for managing the childcare transition
  • Strategies to improve your self-confidence and wellbeing
  • Tips to managing the return with your employer
  • And so much more!


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