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Has anyone referred to you as “just a mum”? Are you no longer feeling like yourself since becoming a mum?

This week I speak with Heinna, founder of OBM Assembly, who was in this exact position where for 6 years she was focused on her kids and lost herself, who she was, and her identity. Heinna thought she was heading down one path with her career and becoming a mum changed all that.

In this episode, Heinna shares her journey from losing herself and being in “mum mode”, not knowing what she liked or what she wanted, to becoming clear on her goals and values, through a re-evaluation of herself and what she wants in life.

If you feel like Heinna 6 years ago and are in a similar headspace, this is a great episode to help you with strategies to help you rediscover yourself after motherhood and why being a mum is part of you, but not all of your identity.

Heinna is a mum of 3 lovely children. After a shift from Corporate to starting a business, Heinna has found always reminding herself that its okay to be successful in her business and be a mum. She wants to share with other mums that they are not alone and there is space out there for everything they want to do alongside being a mum.

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