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I think everyone woman goes through an identity shift when we become a mother. We think we know ourselves, our values, and have an idea of how we want to live our lives. But when the baby comes along it really changes our perspectives. Not only how others perceive us, but also how we perceive ourselves.

Today guest is Personal Branding Specialist & owner of Lovelly Communications – Emma Lovell. I really enjoyed speaking with Emma because she was so generous, open, and honest with her personal experiences of the identity shift she has experienced in becoming a mum. Her priorities have changed and she is now unequivocal on her boundaries between work and home life, especially having her own business.

One thing that Emma speaks so honestly about is that she is a mum, this is a part of her, but not all of her.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Motherhood identity shift
  • Post natal depression experienced by fathers
  • Boundary setting
  • Running your own business before children
  • Strategies to help you navigate the identity shift as a mum
  • And so much more

Emma and I have an exciting challenge for you at the end of the episode. Be sure to listen to the end and tag us both.

This episode focuses on motherhood’s impact on your identity and personal brand, but with many tangents that give you lots of relatable experiences and strategies. It was great fun having this chat with Emma.

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