One of the biggest challenges I hear from working mums is work/life balance, and a significant contributor to this is boundaries. Setting and keeping boundaries is hard. We can be on the hamster wheel of life wondering why we keep going around and around with no idea how to get off and find our version of normality.

As working mums, we deserve to be happy at both home and work. During this episode I take you through a four-step process to creating boundaries and then how to manage these going forward. We all know that life gets busy and the boundaries may blur a little. I share with you a strategy to work through when this happens and get you back on track.

It is also important to highlight and celebrate when the boundaries you have set are working and celebrating these. We often focus on what is not working, but it is also important to recognise what is working.

Key topics I talk about are:

* 2 questions for you to ponder as a working mum

* 4 steps to creating your boundaries

* Strategies to managing your boundaries – when they aren’t working and when they are

* Importance and value of mindset with creating and keeping boundaries

Enjoy the episode and best of luck with setting boundaries for 2023 to have the work/life integration you desire.

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