As new mums, we got through a big identity shift and can discover a new version of ourselves. Children have a significant impact on our time and our priorities change.

Meet this week’s guest, Melanie Corlett, founder of Mumli, is passionate about helping make the lives of mums easier, and as a working mum herself, she understands the challenges that come along with being present as a mum and businesswoman.

Mel shares open & honestly how becoming a parent has changed her perception of work and career and now focuses on what is most important to her. She has overcome several challenges, talks about her mindset shift, and how she is navigating motherhood and the new version of herself.

Becoming a parent also is the inspiration behind her business, Mumli. Melanie gives tips and advice on the journey she has been on so far of starting a tech business whilst raising 2 children and how she still finds time for self-care.



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