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Have you ever experienced mum guilt? Do you find yourself catching yourself sounding like your mum? You aren’t alone.

In this episode, I speak with mindset coach and rapid transformation therapist, AJ Davis, about navigating mindsets and beliefs to create a happier and healthier life. We discuss the impact of our beliefs from how we have been influenced by society & our parents, and how to challenge and transform limiting beliefs to break negative patterns. AJ David also shares practical tips for managing mindset and beliefs in day-to-day situations.

Some key takeaways from the episode:

  • Our beliefs and mindset have a significant impact on our confidence and we are able to be in control of this and change the story
  • By challenging and transforming limiting beliefs you can break negative patterns and create a happier and healthier life and parenting experience
  • How you can flip your mindset to change your beliefs
  • Why the outcome is not success
  • The value in building up an evidence file of positive stories – helps with building our confidence and self-belief
  • It’s important to be aware of the impact of our beliefs and to be conscious about passing them on to the next generation
  • The different between big T and little T trauma and how we can navigate this
  • We need to practice self-compassion and accept that we will pass on some things to our children can help us navigate the challenges of parenting

This is a great episode that will leave you reflecting on why you think and behave in different circumstances based on previous experiences in your life. You can change the story and AJ explain how you can do this.


Connect with AJ Davis 

Connect with AJ Davis on Instagram @aj.mindcoach or her website changeyourthoughts.com.au

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