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This week on the Working Mumma podcast I’m speaking with relationship & divorce coach, Sallyanne Hartnell on ‘Navigating the juggle as a single mum’. She helps women who are challenged or struggling in their relationships and helps them through the questions they are asking themselves. Wondering if this is all there is and whether they should stay or go, and is a peaceful divorce possible.

Relationships can certainly be like a rollercoaster. Then add kids into the picture and they add a whole other dimension to things. there are so many things we need to focus on from kids, to work, to what are we going to have for dinner, and often we may not spend enough time on our relationship with our partner as we need & should.

During this episode, we chat about a range of issues. Even if you have a great relationship there is still some great hints & tips for you that Sallyanne shares.

In this episode we chat about:

  • Can you have a successful career and still have a successful relationship?
  • Kids bring a whole new level of stress and how can we navigate this as parents
  • What to do if we see our relationship is a little bit rocky
  • How to have tricky conversations with your partner
  • Everyone has a family of origin story and the influence of this on your relationship
  • Managing the mental load by co-parenting and as a single mum
  • Value of having a great support team and “catchers” as a single mum
  • Asking the question “How do you want your relationship to be”
  • Tips to co-parenting
  • Sallyanne shares her experience as a single working mum & raising kids

Yes – lot’s in this episode and it is a great episode with many great insights, tips and advice. If you require support regarding your relationship, please reach out to organisations such as 1800RESPECT or White Ribbon.

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