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The financial sacrifice women make in becoming a mum is like the Achilles heel of motherhood. Being on maternity leave for 12 months can have a significant impact on our superannuation when we retire, as I discover during my conversation with financial planner and working mum, Deline Jacovides from Mazi Wealth.

There are a lot of expenses for families at the moment with rising living costs, cost of childcare, and the general cost of raising children. During this podcast episode with Deline, we talk about financial literacy for women, and the financial foundation for any financial plan is having a budget and living within your means. Sounds simple enough, but there are many considerations.

This episode is filled with many great hints, tips, and advice with Deline sharing her knowledge to support working parents. She often talks about planning for your future self and not just today. We are both very passionate about childcare affordability and discuss key areas for improvement to support working parents and the financial considerations.

During this episode we talk about:

  • What inspired Deline to start her own business (hint – it’s not driven by family)
  • How to financially plan for children
  • The foundation of a financial plan
  • The financial gap for women taking parental leave and tips to overcome this
  • Strategies to help improve your superannuation
  • We discuss the barriers on why companies don’t pay superannuation and improvement ideas
  • Why the government should pay superannuation as part of the paid parental leave policy and the long term impacts this would have
  • Why working mums are a great value to any organisation
  • How to set yourself up financial for the future

I hope you enjoy this episode.

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