laura campbell

Today I’m speaking with Laura Campbell who has over 20 years of corporate experience, founder of Hackerlily, is mum to two children, and suffers from a chronic illness.

During this episode Laura shares:

  • Why she and her husband decided to move back to Australia after living in the UK for 16 years and her experiences of the transition
  • The impact of having a chronic disease since childhood on her career and motherhood
  • Her experience of starting her own business and entrepreneurial journey
  • How motherhood has changed her career perspectives
  • How Laura now manages the work/life juggle
  • The value of community

We had lots of fun recording this episode and we hope you enjoy listening.

Connect with Laura on @_hackerlily, LinkedIn, or via the Hackerlily website.

I’d love to connect with you on Instagram @workingmummacommunity or on LinkedIn Carina O’Brien and Working Mumma.

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