In our recent Working Mumma podcast episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Belinda Morgan to debunk the common misconception that part-time work is solely for working mums. Belinda passionately shared that flexible work arrangements are beneficial for individuals from all walks of life and can be a powerful tool for achieving work-life integration without compromising career aspirations.

Navigating Challenges in Part-Time Roles
One of the key challenges working mothers face is finding suitable part-time positions that align with their skills and experiences. Belinda shed light on the hidden talent market, revealing a pool of highly skilled individuals seeking part-time or job-share roles. This untapped potential presents an incredible opportunity for both employees and organizations.

The Win/Win of Part-Time Work
Our conversation with Belinda highlighted the mutual benefits of part-time work for both employees and employers. It’s not just about accommodating schedules; it’s about creating a win/win situation. Belinda shared valuable tips on how to approach employers with requests for part-time hours, emphasizing the importance of framing it as a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Innovative Models: The 4-Day Week and 100:80:100
Delving into innovative work models, we explored the concept of the 4-day week and the 100:80:100 model. These approaches offer a fresh perspective on work-life balance and productivity, challenging traditional norms.

Adapting to Change: New Flexible Work Laws
Belinda also touched on the upcoming flexible work laws and how they might reshape the landscape of part-time work. Understanding these changes can empower both employers and employees to adapt and thrive in the evolving work environment.

Strategies for Success: Navigating the Recruitment Process
For those actively seeking part-time positions, Belinda provided practical strategies and advice on navigating the recruitment process. Her insights are a valuable resource for those looking to make a smooth transition into part-time work.

Employer Responsibility: Developing Clear Propositions
The responsibility doesn’t solely lie with employees. Belinda emphasized the need for employers to proactively develop clear and attractive propositions for flexible work. Aligning policies and strategies with the genuine needs of employees is crucial for creating a supportive work environment.

Advocacy for Flexible Work
As the conversation concluded, Belinda left us with a powerful reminder to advocate for flexible work. Encouraging open conversations with employers and exploring the possibilities of part-time work can lead to positive change in the workplace.

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