Have you considered about the nuances of the mental load and its impact on gender equality? I chat with Maja Paleka, a mum of 2 and consultant, speaker, and advisor and previously held leadership roles in engineering, sales and operations across three continents.

We delve into practical strategies for challenging stereotypes and improving communication within families to achieve a more balanced division of labor, while also discussing tips for managing flexible work arrangements.

Topics we spoke about included:

* Defining the mental load and how it contributes to gender inequality, both at home and in the workplace, affecting women’s careers and overall well-being.

* The importance of effective communication and the use of systems and habits to reduce decision points and streamline family responsibilities.

* Tips for managing flexible work arrangements, including setting boundaries, using technology to stay organized, and communicating with employers and colleagues.

* The need to redefine relationships as a balance of deep care and responsibility, emphasizing the importance of accountability within families.

* How to challenge societal stereotypes around motherhood and the mental load, advocating for a more balanced and equitable approach to family responsibilities.

* Maja reflects on her journey in challenging stereotypes, highlighting the discomfort and growth that come with shifting societal norms.

* The ripple effect of change within families and society, highlighting the importance of incremental progress and continuous communication.

This episode offers many great valuable insights and practical tips to help you as a working mother navigate the complexities of the mental load, manage flexible work arrangements, and advocate for gender equality within your family and community.

Connect with Maja via LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/majapaleka

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