Ellen Hooper job sharing and portfolio career

Enjoy part two of my chat with Ellen Hooper on building a successful portfolio career. By definition, a portfolio career is when you have several unrelated jobs. Porfolio careers give you the opportunity to craft a future to help explore interests outside of your “traditional” role. Ellen has a job share position as the Head of People & Culture at a community bank, her own business the Growth Collective, and exploring board positions.

This is an interesting chat to explore the opportunities of job sharing and how you can look at this for your own career.

We chat about:

  • Benefits of a portfolio career
  • Opportunity for wealth creation with multiple sources of income
  • The value of financial independence
  • Importance of setting boundaries

About Ellen Hooper

Ellen Hooper does lots of things. She’s a mum of two, an executive coach, the Co-Founder of The Growth Collective who specialise in workshops and training for new and emerging leaders, and the Chief People Officer at a community-owned bank, a role that she job-shares..

Connect with Ellen

On LinkedIn or Instagram @ellen.hooper.consulting and her website growthcollective.com.au


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