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In this week’s episode of the Working Mumma podcast, I speak with certified Wellness & Mindset Coach, Yoga, and Meditation teacher, Natalie Moore on how to ‘Thrive not just survive as a working mum’. She supports women to achieve their desired level of health and wellbeing, elevate to their highest potential and connect with their physiology for confidence and energy.

After the past few years as working mums, we feel like we have been trying to keep everything together to survive work, motherhood, life, and lockdowns. But we deserve to thrive in all parts of our lives.

Natalie shares so many great hints on tips on how we can live our best lives and feel good in doing so. It is refreshing to hear someone share that there is no one way to looking after our health and wellbeing. Instead, do what works best for you and it is different for everyone.

In this episode we had a great chat that included:

* Ways to help you define what health & wellbeing means to you

* Asking yourself what does motherhood look like for you and the toolkit to support you in your journey

* Why as mums we may often lose ourselves as we are constantly giving to others and ways to find moments of self-care

* The impact and value on our mindset

* How to connect to yourself and do the things that make you feel good (because you deserve to feel great)

* Impact of societal conditioning as a working mum

* The female advantage

* What is peri-menopause and how we can prepare for it

And sooo much more. I hope you enjoy the chat with Natalie and please like, share or leave a review.

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Connect with Natalie Moore 

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