Ever dreamt of starting your own business and wonder what it is like? Today I speak with the founder of Franjo’s Kitchen – Fran Fogarty and Jo Clark.

Fran is a lawyer and Jo is a naturopath, who have carved out a niche in the motherhood nootropics and wellness industry that has allowed them to grow a two million-dollar business while raising six kids between them.

It all began after a chance meeting on the street as two new mums that sparked a discussion on natural ways to stimulate lactation for postpartum mums struggling to produce enough milk for their babies – much like Fran was experiencing.

But much like motherhood, their business journey wasn’t without its challenges. In 2019, the pair came close to calling it quits, with overwhelming debt suffocating their opportunities for innovation.

In this episode we chat about what inspired Fran & Jo to start Franjo’s Kitchen, their business journey and they share some key learnings along the way, challenges they have experienced and what they did to overcome these, highlights & surprises, how they manage their businesses, children, life and a day job, along with tips for anyone thinking of starting their own business and so much more.



Connect with Franjo’s Kitchen:

Instagram @franjoskitchen or Facebook facebook.com/franjoskitchen

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