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In this episode of the Working Mumma podcast chat with Mia Fileman, a successful businesswoman and military spouse, to discuss her experiences and insights into balancing her career with the challenges of military life. Mia shares her insights and strategies for finding balance and success in the face of constant change.

During this episode, Mia and I chat about:

  • Challenges of Military Life: Mia discusses the challenges faced by military spouses, including frequent moves, deployments, and the need for resilience in the face of uncertainty.
  • Maintaining Communication: Mia shares her tips for staying connected with her husband during deployments and managing the emotional toll of separation on herself and her children.
  • Career and Business: Mia talks about her journey as a campaign expert and how she has built a successful business while navigating the demands of military life.
  • Tips for Juggling: Mia offers practical advice for managing the juggle of career and family, including prioritizing self-care, staying active, and involving her children in her work.
  • Future Goals: Mia discusses her future goals for her business and family, including plans for a sabbatical year and her ambitions for the growth of her business.

You will gain valuable insights into the realities of military life and the unique challenges faced by military spouses. This will help you discover practical strategies for managing the demands of a career and family in the face of constant change and uncertainty. Mia’s story is one of resilience, determination, and finding opportunity in adversity, inspiring listeners to find their own path to balance and success.


– Connect with Mia on Instagram @campaign_del_mar and or her website campaigndelmar.com


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