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This week on the Working Mumma podcast I speak with Sheree Rubinstein, a corporate lawyer turned entrepreneur and the Founder of One Roof. Known as the ‘Queen of Community,’ Sheree is experienced in building businesses, raising capital, and mentoring women along their business journey. Sheree is a mum to Goldie who was born one week into the very first lockdown in Melbourne.

During this episode, Sheree and I talk about the intersection of ambition and motherhood. There will be many relatable moments during this episode relating to wanting to be a mum and have a career. We chat about the ingrained societal systems that influence and impact mothers, along with what policies and structures need to change to improve support for working mothers. Sheree is a big advocate and powerful voice for working mothers and shares her own experiences on overcoming mum guilt, unconscious bias, and challenges as a working mum.

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Connect with Sheree Rubinstein & One Roof 

* Instagram: @shereejaderuby or @weareoneroof

* LinkedIn: Sheree Rubinstein

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