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In a report last year by consulting company, McKinsey, nearly 12 million women left their job during the early stages of the pandemic and the workforce still hasn’t recovered. Organisations need to acknowledge the responsibilities of working parents, often the ‘double shift’. More can and needs to be done by companies to support women returning to work and recognise the transition women go through.

During this episode I speak with Hareta McMullin a leadership mentor and employee experience strategist, shaking up the way we think and feel about HR, culture, and leadership.

We talk about:

  • What businesses can do to support working parents and especially mothers
  • The value of work/life integration
  • Why organisations need to see the value of working mothers as a benefit and not a hindrance
  • The positive impact of flexible work for working parents
  • How to overcome people that are not always advocating for working mothers
  • What businesses can do to have a positive employee experience for women returning from parental leave
  • Why the cost of a cake & onesie is much less than recruiting a new employee and the return on investment of supporting women on their parenting journey has long term benefits
  • How businesses need to change the narrative to help drive change
  • Tips for employees on how to raise topics if they are facing challenges
  • How we can all be a part of the solution together

This is a great episode and we cover so much!

Connect with Hareta:

Where to find her?

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/hareta-mcmullin


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