In this episode, we delve deep into the emotional and mental toll of returning to work after maternity leave. Guests, Clinical Psychologists Kass and Alicia, share their expert advice on overcoming the feelings of self-doubt and imposter syndrome prevalent among working mothers as they return to work after maternity leave. They further question the default narratives about motherhood while stressing the need for understanding, support, and growth.

This engaging conversation challenges the stereotypes around working mothers and highlights how motherhood reveals and sharpens priorities, fostering an unapologetic, more rounded approach towards personal and professional commitments.

In this episode, we also debunk motherhood myths, including the “baby brain” concept, and highlight that motherhood only enhances a woman’s capabilities at work, not reduces it. Far from reducing efficiency, parenthood strengthens women’s multitasking ability and overall productivity. Kass and Alicia emphasize the need for women, especially mothers, to trust themselves, embrace their motherly lessons, and withstand societal biases.

Join us as we explore the nagging feelings of self-doubt and impostor syndrome – how they impact our daily lives and relationships. We shed light on how to navigate these emotions confidently and reclaim your place in the world of work.



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