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As working mums, we often feel like we are forever running a marathon. We get to the end of the day feeling tired and exhausted, only to repeat it all over again the next day. It doesn’t have to be like this. The good news, is there are some simple and effective strategies we can adopt to recharge our mind and body to help reduce stress and burnout as I chat with holistic nutritionist, Mel Finlay. 

Mel works with women to show them how food, nutrition as well lifestyle intervention, and self-care can unlock a new level of energy and vitality, and assist with healing from specific issues like postnatal depletion or diagnosed women’s health conditions like endometriosis.

During this episode we chat about: 

  • Self-care strategies to build into your routine 
  • Value of taking time for yourself 
  • Impact on your mind and body from stress and burnout
  • Tips to improve your energy levels when you get that 3pm slump
  • 3 tips to reduce stress 
  • Identifying the signs and triggers of stress and you can manage this 
  • Strategies to help with meal planning

Connect with Melissa Finlay 

* Instagram: @melfinlay_nutritionist

* Website:

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