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In this is episode I share with you why you should join the Working Mumma Village and more background on what benefits you get as a member.

I begin by sharing a little bit of my return to work experience when I returned from my first maternity leave. From there go through some of the realities of what it is like to be a working mum, and the very limited support we have to navigate the transition back to work and life as a working mum.

Navigating life as a working mum can be isolating and you don’t know where to look for support. I share with you the 5 step journey I have created to help guide you from feeling overwhelmed to thriving. Each step has a coaching video, resources, and suggested masterclasses to help you move through.

The Working Mumma Village is a digital membership for professional women that provides connection, coaching, support, and empowerment to help you thrive in motherhood and a career.

Why should you enrol?

I look forward to connecting with you..


Join the Working Mumma Village: workingmumma.com.au/working-mumma-village


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