Working part-time can blur the lines between work and home

Working part-time and looking for ideas on how to create better boundaries between work & home on your days off? Here are four ideas to help you.
Creating & communicating boundaries helps both you & your work colleagues. I find it also reduces some of the guilt you can experience in both worlds.

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1. Put your workdays in the email footer

This helps make it clear when you are in the office and not available. Helps for both internal & external stakeholders that may want to communicate with you.

2. Use an out of office on your days off

As annoying as they can be, it helps people know you aren’t available and there will be a delay in response. You can make it entertaining as well. I start off with “I know out-of-office messages are a little annoying…..”

3. Block out your non-workdays in your calendar

Many people use the calendar availability tool when scheduling meetings. If your calendar shows you aren’t available, it will help people schedule meetings for when you are available. I’ve attended some meetings on my days “off” but was given plenty of notice to make arrangements. But, showing your availability helps align expectations for your stakeholders.

4. Set expectations with your team

Clearly communicate your days off and what flexibility you may/may not have. For example, I used to have meetings in the night as I work for an international company, but this then meant I started a little later that day. I also said I could attend the meeting as hubby was looking after the little man so I could juggle things and they knew I had kids. This openness helped and I didn’t feel guilty when there was crying in the background because it was the witching hour in my house. Also helps with team planning days etc and ensure you are available.

About the Author: Carina O'Brien

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