3 secrets to juggling work and motherhood without feeling overwhelmed

This is the masterclass for you if….

  • You have questioned yourself recently if you really can work and be a mum
  • You are feeling overwhelmed in trying to ‘do it all’ and running on empty
  • You want to learn new strategies to help you thrive in work and motherhood

Here’s what we are covering

  • How to find and create your work/life harmony
  • Strategies to re-balance the mental load
  • How to recognise and manage the overwhelm
  • Walk away with tactics you can implement straight away

Watch the Masterclass

“3 Secrets to Juggling Work and Motherhood without the Overwhelm”

Mental Load Audit

Use the mental load audit to reflect, review and reaccess the mental load with your partner

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Introducing the Working Mumma Village

We have communities to support us when we first become a mum or in business, but not for the journey of managing career and Motherhood. The Working Mumma Village fills that void with a network specific to motherhood and career to help you successfully manage the juggle, feel confident, and thrive in the process.